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About Us

The Discovery of Healing


I first fell in love with the practice of yoga in my early teenage years, I studied many disciplines but coming across Tai- Chi, was actually the beginning of my introduction to the power of the mind and body, through these studies I soon after began my journey into Yoga.

As a licensed graduate of both Hatha Yoga teacher training and physical therapy assistance, I began teaching eager to share the beauty of this gift with others. Top tier Holistic Treatment therapies from Montreal, Quebec, Born to Caribbean and Native American Parents, which taught me the importance of ancestry within daily life.

I developed programs based on the healing goals of Physical Therapy and the benefits of yoga through the teachings of Patanjali and the Origins in ancient Kemet.

Based in the SWFL area, our intention at Sphere Physio Yoga is to help our students listen to the inner self and find courage in stepping out of their comfort zone and into their own beautiful Mind, Body, Spirit.

 "The ancestors gave us everything we need to create the blissful life we desire, it all begins within."

We have something for everyone, and at all levels.

Get in touch to find out more!

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